Live life king size is the mantra of the rich and the famous with a taste for the finest and the best and the high-end real estate market in India is literally sizzling in a bid to meet the increasing demand of the select elite. As a renowned realty firm ruling the high-octane segment.

Luxury Farmhouses

Opulent Villas

Elegant Bungalows

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Heralded for their much sought-after locations, architectural distinction and environmental sustainability, these gorgeous “trophies” meet every expectation of luxury homeowners and ensure every modern amenity to guarantee safety and well being.

Get Premium Farmhouses/Luxury Villas in India

Ram Rattan’s entry into the high-end Indian residential market has been amply validated by its meteoric rise to the realty pinnacle over the years and a string of major success stories accompanying the deals. As a premier land banking & real estate assets company, the organisation nurtures a vision – that of bringing to each idyllic/key destination what will truly be the world’s most luxurious address.

Our mission is to offer splendid residential farmhouses and gorgeous living spaces, as well as a complete lifestyle – one which is both luxurious and unique.

For celebrities, tycoons and high net worth individuals looking for ready-built luxury abodes, Ram Rattan offers an extensive portfolio of premium properties:

Deluxe farmhouses with most modern amenities

Deluxe farmhouses with most modern amenities

Posh villas and beautifully landscaped bungalows

Posh villas and beautifully landscaped bungalows

Designer built and quality fitted to match the lifestyle of the ultra-affluent in India

Designer built and quality fitted to match the lifestyle of the ultra-affluent in India

Ram Rattan also owns vast land banks across the country and operates an extensive network of resources to help you acquire best land parcels at choice locations. Dedicated to customer care, the premier realtor not only helps locate the best available property that meets your requirements but also guides you throughout the process of leasing/purchasing the multi-crore luxury farmhouse/real estate asset. Ram Rattan specialises in buyer representation and offers a wide array of value-added services such as land investment consultancy, property inspection, title search, acquisition and in order to ensure smooth & speedy transaction.

Ram Rattan Group for luxury farmhouses & villas in Delhi/NCR




For those looking to sell land or upscale property assets like farmhouses, villas or bungalows in Delhi/NCR or across India, Ram Rattan provides necessary assistance in terms of appraisal, valuation and market positioning to facilitate quick closings and most advantageous deals. Be it farm land or equestrian/golf property; water-front or mountain-top estate, we will help you sell any investment-grade property in & around Delhi/NCR/other key locations.

Whether it is a luxurious farmhouse in the middle of pristine nature or an exclusive vacation retreat, magnificent views, plush interiors and modern amenities remain the hallmark of all Ram Rattan properties – coveted by the Crème de la Crème of the upper echelon and a veritable Who’s Who. What’s more, many of the fabulous, luxury villas and grand bungalows in South Delhi & across the National Capital Region of India have been set up due to the sound business sense of the company’s principals and their commitment to create value for surrounding communities. With Ram Rattan playing a key role in the rapid development of ritzy neighbourhoods across the country, even the wealthiest and the most discerning find it easy to acquire the most satisfactory lifestyle homes, farmhouses and holiday getaways. So that they may live life to the fullest & experience luxury at its best.

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