Greenwood Acres

Life shouldn’t be measured in square feet and square yards. It needs scale. It needs expanse. It needs freedom. There is a world beyond four walls waiting for a select few. It’s called Greenwood Acres.
There’s always a fine balance between living well and living with style. At Greenwood Acres, every resident gets the space to explore his or her own style sensibilities. Greenwood Acres is specially developed pristine land, unlike other land developments that are often too far from the good life, this is a gated farmhouse enclave with the potential to be a vibrant, thriving address.

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Project Details

  • Comfort, secure, with modern facilities
  • Freehold plots
  • Gated Community
  • Round-the-clock security
  • Wide metalled roads
  • Exclusive Clubhouse
  • Sports facilities like tennis and badminton

Project Location

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Actual Site Location

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Cottage Layout Plans

Options of Villas

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